October 19, 2016 ROAD WORK PROGRESS:
All of the milling has been done! Our goal is to have the paving completed by the end of October... weather permitting. Thank you all for your patience!
Welcome to Haddam, Connecticut
Haddam is a quaint town nestled in the hills of the Lower Connecticut River valley, one of the hidden treasures of Connecticut.

Once graced with a brisk river trade, shipbuilding, granite quarries and pre-industrial revolution water powered mills, Haddam is now poised on the brink of economic growth, development and revitalization.

Haddam is a town in a rural picturesque setting that keeps its own pace, yet is only 10 minutes from Middletown and Wesleyan University, 20 minutes from the shoreline and 30 minutes from Hartford and New Haven. Haddam has a population of 8,366 spread out over 46.7 square miles, 27% of which is state forest. Haddam has five villages within the town-- Higganum, Tylerville, Shailerville, Hidden Lake and Haddam Neck: each with its own unique personality. Urban renewal and suburban development being unknown here, Haddam retains much of its historic charm. In fact, we have more authentic colonial-era homes than Williamsburg.

We love it here and hope you enjoy your virtual visit. Feel free to take a minute, make friends, explore and correspond with us at selectman@haddam.org.