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Welcome to the Assessor's Office

On this page we will provide information to you regarding:  Mil Rate, Real Estate, Motor Vehicle and Personal Property, in addition to general information and programs administered by our office.  Check back here from time to time.  Meanwhile, please do not hesitate to call us at 860-345-8531 should you have any questions.  We welcome any and all feedback that you may have.  


The Mill Rate for the October 1, 2015 Grand List is 31.20.  The mill rate for the 2016 Grand List has not yet been set.



Board of Assessment Appeals




Appealing an Assessment:

The Board of Assessment Appeals (BAA) meets annually in March to hear taxpayer appeals. By State Law all appeals must be submitted in writing and should include the property owner's name, name and position of the signer, description of the property which is the subject of the appeal, name and mailing address of the party (for correspondence), reason for the appeal, appellant's estimate of value, signature of property owner, or duly authorized agent of the property owner, and date of signature. 

Real estate appeals must be based upon the value of the property at the time of the last revaluation, not the current market. Appeal forms will be available on February 1st, 2017 on this website, or they may be picked up at the Assessor’s office. 

The filing deadline for appeals is February 20th, provided the Grand List is filed on or before January 31st. If an extension to file is granted, the BAA will meet in April and the filing deadline is changed to March 20th. 


**Please note that this year, February 20th is a Federal Holiday and town offices are closed – please plan accordingly in order to have your appeal applications filed on time.**

The Board is also required to meet in September to hear appeals on motor vehicles only. These hearings are conducted on a first come, first serve basis.

There are two (2) identical forms below; choose the one that is best for you:

     1)  This is a Filable PDF - you can open and complete the necessary sections prior to printing (please print on both sides,

           if possible, to preserve the address block on page 2):

                                                     Fillable Assement Appeal form


      2)  This is a standard for that, which you can print and then complete:

                                                      Standard Assessment Appeal form

                                                      Agent Authorization


Senior Corner


**Important News and Application Deadlines**


• State of Connecticut Elderly Homeowner's (Circuit Breaker) + Town of Haddam Elderly and Disabled Tax Relief Program.  The filing period for these programs begins February 1, 2017 and runs through May 15, 2017.


• Additional Veteran's Exemption – The filing period for Additional Veteran's exemptions begins February 1, 2017 and ends October 1, 2017.


Proof of income is required when filing for the above programs. Income includes all taxable, non-taxable income as well as social security income. The income requirements for the 2016 Grand List ranges up to $35,200, maximum, for single applicants and $42,900, maximum, for married applicants. The income limits are set by the State of Connecticut Office of Policy and Management. Persons who file must be 65 years of age or totally disabled.


Please call the Assessor's Office at 860-345-8531 to make an appointment or to discuss your qualifications.


Disabled Veterans Please Note: When a disabled veteran receiving an exemption reaches the age of 65+ there is an increase in the amount of the exemption regardless of the percent of disability, even if the rating is only is 10%. Please contact the Assessor’s Office if you have been receiving a veteran’s disability exemption and are age 65 or older.


Veterans' Exemptions Brochure

Tax Relief Program for the Elderly & Disabled


Motor Vehicle Information


  • Did you sell or dispose of a Motor Vehicle are you going to sell or dispose of a Motor Vehicle?


If the answer is yes you must return or cancel your registration plates with the Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV) and obtain a plate receipt that you will need to provide to the Assessor’s Office along with proof of what happened to that Vehicle. This will allow us to either remove or prorate the Motor Vehicle. The bill you receive in July will be from Oct. 1st to the month of disposal.


Please click on the link below Motor Vehicle –Standard Forms of Proof to see a list of accepted documents.


  • If you sold or disposed of a Motor Vehicle but transferred the plates to a new vehicle then it will be reflected in the billing.


For example:

You owned a 2010 Ford F150 on October 1, 2015, and sold that vehicle on December 21, 2015 and transferred the plates to a 2014 Chevy Silverado.  You will get a bill for the 2010 F150 in July of 2016.  The plate transfer and subsequent 2014 Chevy will be accounted for on the 2015 Supplemental List, and you will receive a supplemental bill in January, 2017.  This supplemental bill will list the credit received for the 2014 F250 and will give you the net difference in the taxes owed between the two vehicles.  This can be quite confusing at times; especially if you transferred a plate to more than 1 vehicle in the grand list year that will give you a credit for what you paid on the 2010 vehicle towards the 2014 vehicle.  Call our office if you have any questions or need any clarifications on your particular situation. 


Click on the Links below for additional information:

Assessor's Field Card Online Database  - Vision Government Solutions (formerly Vision Appraisal)

Mil Rate History

Motor Vehicle-Standard Forms of Proof


Top Ten Taxpayers

Public Act 490 (PA 490)

Public Act 490  -    Farm Land Application

                               -  Forest Land Application

                               -  Open Space Application


In 2015, Secretary Barnes of the Connecticut Office of Policy and Management, in consultation with Commissioner Reviczky of the Department of Agriculture, approved and updated the values for land in the PA 490 program.   These new values were applied for the October 1, 2015 grand list and will be used for any new property entering the program.

Please click on the link below for more information about the PA 490 program:

Forest and Farm Land Values - Public Act PA490


Mapping Information


GIS maps can now be accessed in two formats.  The web based interactive GIS system will remain up and running and can be accessed via the link below.

In addition, for your convenience, we have added PDF versions of each map below.  These are duplicates of the maps that we have on the counter here in the office.

Web-Based GIS Mapping

Assessor's Maps:


Map 1          Map 11         Map 21       Map 31        Map 41       Map 51                Map 61        Map 71

Map 2          Map 12         Map 22       Map 32        Map 42       Map 52                Map 62        Map 72

Map 3          Map 13         Map 23       Map 33        Map 43       Map 52 inset      Map 63       Map 72A1

Map 4          Map 14         Map 24       Map 34        Map 44       Map 53                Map 64       Map 72A2

Map 5          Map 14A1    Map 25       Map 35        Map 44A     Map 54                Map 65       Map 72A3

Map 6          Map 14A2     Map 26      Map 36        Map 45       Map 55                Map 66        Map 73

Map 7          Map 15         Map 27       Map 37        Map 46       Map 56                Map 67

Map 8          Map 16         Map 28       Map 38        Map 47       Map 57                Map 68

Map 9          Map 17                             Map 39        Map 48       Map 58                Map 69

Map 10        Map 18         Map 30      Map 40        Map 49       Map 59                Map 70

                     Map 19                                                  Map 50       Map 60 
Map 20 

Please note:   The tax maps are for assessment purposes only and are not valid for use as a survey, legal description or conveyance of property.