All Phone Numbers Begin with 860-345-8531

Town Planner Liz West Glidden X 219
Building Official Gary Vivian X231
Zoning Enforcement and Wetlands Jim Puska X 224
Administrative Coordinator Maureen Tary X 216
Building Official assistant Diane Murphy X 231
Fire Marshal William Robbins X 220
Land Use Office Fax #860-345-5169    
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Haddam Land Use Fees


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Site Plan Application
Special Permit Application
Burn Permit Procedures
Inland Wetlands Application

Zoning Violation Compliant Form
Example of Conservation Easement

Building & Zoning Application

Zoning Permit Application


Chimney application

Electrical application

Gas application

Heating - Air Conditioning application

Plumbing application

Stoves application

Well pump application

Pool Handout news

New Provision of the International Resident Code

The Building Official is responsible for assuring that all new and remodeling building permits are issued in compliance with the Connecticut State Building Code. He also issues demolition permits and inspects and approves building construction activity. He is responsible for the issuance of Certificates of Occupancy.

The Building Official shall receive applications, review construction documents, and issue permits for the erection and alteration of buildings and structures. Further, he shall make or cause to be made, inspections of the premises for which such permits have been issued and enforce compliance with the provisions of the Building Code.


Wright Pierce Sewer Report
Public Sewer System - Higganum Village
Tylerville Water System
Higganum Cove Final Report (11MB)

Community Connectivity Program

Final Market Study - Tylerville


Haddam Jail

Hazardous Materials Abatement (56MB)
Jail Feasibility Study December 2005
Department of Economic and Community Development - Historic Revitalization Grant
Brownfield Revitalizations RFQ due May 2, 2016.
ADDENDUM (Issued April 12, 2016)
Historic Jail Report

Fuss & O'Neill Jail Report - Phase I - 2016


RFQ - Market Study of Tylerville (in Haddam, CT) and Recommendations for Tylerville Business District Zoning Regulations