Architectural Review Committee

Committee Member:  Joseph Bergin, Architect

                                             Lorraine Riess                    

                       Wayne Rutty  

NOTE:  The Architectural Review Committee is a subcommittee of Planning and Zoning.  The committee meets on an as-needed basis when applications pertaining to the Village district are submitted.  Please check this website and the Town Clerk's and Land Use Department's bulletin boards for posted agendas, or call the Town Office Building.


Higganum Designs Guidelines


Submission Requirements:  Three (3) sets of site plans with elevations and a cover letter addressed to Liz Glidden, Town Planner, 30 Field Park Drive, Haddam, CT  06438

Town of Haddam Architectural Review Committee

The Architectural Review Committee was formed in conformance with Section 7A of the Town of Haddam Zoning Regulations in 2014. The Committee is made up of three volunteers appointed by the PZC. The intent was to create a review board that was diverse, professional, and fair in their review of the plans as they relate to the Design Guidelines for Higganum Village, adopted in March of 2014. The 2014-2016 Committee consists of an Architect licensed in the State of CT, a residential design professional, and a construction manager for Middlesex Hospital.

The ARC reviews aim at striking a balance between good design and viable economic development. ARC will collaborate with the applicants to help them meet the Design Guidelines and expensive reworking of the design that will subsequently be submitted for Site Plan Review Approval at PZC. Early review of building and site design is intended to resolve potential problems, conflicts and design problems early in the process, saving the applicant time and money.

ARC Meetings: The Committee meets the last Tuesday of the month at 4pm. Meetings are usually held at the Old Town Hall. Submittals are due at least 10 days prior to the meeting. All meetings are open to the public. Prior to hearing an application the Committee will independently conduct a site visit so they are familiar with the existing conditions. The first portion of the meeting is setup as a work session and is intended for dialog between the committee and the applicant. The applicant should make a short presentation discussing the proposed structure, parking, lighting, signage, landscaping and any challenges with the site design. There will be an opportunity to ask and answer questions and to make design suggestions if necessary. Some of the review will take into account how the structure fits into the existing fabric of the Village and how it strengthens walkable connections. The second portion of the meeting will be a ‘closed’ work session (still open to the public) for the ARC to discuss the application without public or applicant input.

Where possible, the ARC will draft a recommendation that evening to the Planning and Zoning Commission. In some cases, the revisions may require a second meeting and review. The ARC aims to work with the applicant and propose viable solutions to be able to provide a favorable recommendation, even if it takes several meetings. In cases where the applicant does not seek to make the recommended changes, they may proceed to PZC with an unfavorable recommendation from ARC, however this is discouraged.

Once a recommendation is issued by ARC the applicant may proceed to PZC for site plan and or special permit approval. Please note that the demolition of any structure in the Village requires a special permit. PZC typically meets the first and third Thursday of the month. Applications, plans and fees are due 15 days prior to the meeting in order to meet the timelines for a legal notice. Applicants should work with the Town Planner to establish timelines and submittals to ARC and PZC.

Submittal Requirements: Please submit five packets that include drawings and a cover letter outlining the project.

Cover Letter:
Please identify the existing uses and proposed uses, the square footage of new additions and a general description of the project. If demolition is proposed please indicate the reason that demolition is sought. If the project will be completed in phases please outline a rough time line sequencing the project timeline. Indicate whether any modifications will be needed per Section 7A. 8 of the Zoning Regulations such as height, setback distance or density. The cover letter should be addressed to Joseph Bergin, Chair of ARC and should be no longer than two pages. This letter should also include the name, phone number and email of the principal lead on the project.

Plans: 5 sets of full size plans. And 5 sets of 11 x 17 floor plans.
The plan set should include a site plan that includes all structures, landscaping, walkways, fencing, well and septic location and parking.

Elevation drawings of existing conditions and proposed improvements of the facades visible to the public. Elevation drawings should include the materials used, building height, landscaping, pedestrian access, fencing, lighting and signage. Color drawings for the proposed changes are appreciated. Photos are not required but are a useful visual aid.

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