Kristin Battistoni, Tax Collector, ext 207


Tracy Thompson, Tax Collector Assistant, ext 206


Mil Rate:  For the 2015 Grand List is:  31.20




We have made a few changes in the Tax Office this year.

1.  You may have noticed that the address for where to send a payment has changed.  We are now using a lock box

      system, to help process payments more efficiently during our very busy periods.

2.  We have included an envelope for your convenience. (Yes, I did spell the work Department wrong.)

3.  You can still mail your payment to the Town Office Building, if you prefer.  (30 Field Park Drive, Haddam, CT 06438)

4.  You can always come into the office or make a payment on line.


 Motor Vehicle Bills from the 2013 Grand List and older are with our collection agency American National Recovery Group.

You will no longer be able to pay these delinquent bills on line. Please call their office with any questions.

American National Recovery Group, Inc.

411 Pennsylvania Ave

Matamoras, PA 18336







Starting July 2, 2016:

To pay your taxes online: Click the button to the left "Pay Taxes Online."
If you pay by check there will be a $1.50 processing fee.
If you pay by credit card there will be a 2.95% processing fee.


Click on the links below for general tax questions.

1.  When are my Real estate taxes due?

2.  When are my Personal Property taxes due?

3.  When are my Motor Vehicle bills due?    If you have a question about your Motor Vehicle bills, please contact our

                                                                                 office as soon as possible.

4.  How can I get copies of my tax information?


Click on the links below for Motor Vehicle Tax Questions.

1.  I received a bill for a car I do not own anymore.

2.  I never received my car bill.

3.  I received a bill in December.

4.  I am moving out of Town.  What do you need from me?


Click on the links below for on line Questions.

1.  I just made an on line payment, but it is not showing on line.

2.  I paid on line.  Do I need a clearance for DMV?